Soal Ulangan UTS B. Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1/ Ganjil Terbaru 2016

Soal Ulangan UTS B. Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1/ Ganjil Terbaru 2016 - 2017 dibawah ini adalah untuk latihan putra puterinya, Soal UTS/MID B. Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1/ Ganjil ini terdiri dari soal pilihan ganda 20 butir soal, isian singkat 10 butir soal dan essay 5 butir soal, jadi total soal nya ada 35 soal dan dilengkapi dengan kunci jawabannya.

Soal Ulangan UTS B. Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1/ Ganjil Terbaru 2016 - 2017

Berikut adalah Soal Latihan Ulangan UTS B. English Kls 5 Smstr 1/ Ganjil, yaitu :

Read the text carefully, and answer the questions!
Today is Sunday. I don’t go to school. I and my mother go to the fruits market. In the fruits market there are so many kind of fruits. There are oranges, bananas, grapes, pinappels, mellon, papaya ect. My mother buys bananas, a bundle of grapes, ten apples and five oranges. My family like fruits, so every day my mother gives us fruits.

1. What day is today?
2. Where do they go?
3. What are there in the fruits market?
4. What does my mother buy?
5. Do my family like banana?

II. Pilihlah a, b, c atau d pada jawaban yang paling benar !

6. It’s seven o’clock. We say...
a. Good morning
b.good day
c. good afternoon
d.good night

7. I…. at five o’clock in the morning
a. sleep
b. get up
c. drink
d. eat

8. Mei lan … diary every night
a. write
b. writes
c. wrote
d. writing

9. The day before Sunday . is…
a. Monday
b. Friday
c. Tusday
d. saturday

10. The second day of the week is...
a. Monday
b. Friday
d. Saturday

11. We want to save the maoney, we go to…
a. school
b. market
c . bank

12. I …. Help my mother
a. will
b. helps
c. helped
d. help

13. If we want to play badminton we use….
a. spoon
b. fork
c. racket
d. basket

14. My mother goes to the school for teaching, she is...
a. farmer
b, doctor
c. nurse
d. teacher

15. If I want to red a book , I go to the…
a. bank
b. station
c. library
d. canteen

Jangan lupa

16. My mother is….in the kitchen
a. cook
b. cooking
c. cookies
d. cooked

17. I…. television every Monday
a. watch
b. watching
c. watches
d. watced

18. Did you….for the test last night?
A. study
b. studied
c. studying
d. studies

19. I always swim in…
b. market
c. hospital
d. swimmingpool

20.My aunt’s job is helping a doctor, she is…
a. a teacher
b. a nurse
c. a farmer
d. a soldier

II. Isilah titik titik dibawah ini dengan jawaban yang benar !
21. Wednesday comes after…
22. The first month in a year is.
23. We celebrate our indefendence day on…
24. Kartini’s day on
25.The fourth month of the year is…
26. We go to the …. To borrow a book
27. I….(menulis) a letter
28. I have….(belajar) English last night
29. My mother is …. Rice in the kitchen
30. If we want to buy something we must go to…
31. mention 3 names of months
32. Translate in to English, Hobi saya adalah bermain sepak bola
33. Translate in to Indonesia, I want to go to the bathroom 
34.Translet in to Englis
     07.30 =
     03.15 = 
35. Mention three public palces!

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