Soal UTS B. Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 2/ Genap 2017

Download soal latihan uts b. inggris kelas 5 semester 2 genap terbaru tahun ajaran 2016 2017 kisi kisi plus kunci jawabannya - Download dan dapatkan Soal Latihan B. Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 2/ Genap untuk berlatih Soal ulangan uts genap SD tahun 2016 2017 terbaru sesuai dengan kurikulum ktsp yang dilengkapi dengan kunci jawabannya dan terdiri dari soal pilihan ganda/ pg dan isian sebanyak 30 soal.

Dapatkan Soal Soal UTS Kls 5 Semester 2 lainnya,

Berikut adalah Soal UTS B. Inggris Kls 5 Smstr 2/ Genap terbaru yang bisa sobat dapatkan, yaitu :

1. Nod your ... , please!
a. Hands c. Knees b. Head d. Arms

2. .. your teeth twice a day.
a. Clean c. Brush b. Comb d. Wash

3. Adiba : what the ... with you?
Bila : my head hurt
Adiba : poor you
a. Matter c. hurt b. Head d. mother

4. My stomach hurts. The underline means ....
a. Kakiku c. Kepalaku b. Gigiku  d. Perutku

5. My teeth hurts. The underline means ....
a. Kakiku c. Kepalaku b. Gigiku d. Perutku

6. Alisa : Do you have a doll?
Sita : yes, ... ...
a. You do c. I do b. You do not d. I do not

7. If you have a headache, take this ...
a. sringe c. thermometer b. medicine d. Stetoscope

8. Ali : may I borrow your book?
Abu : ..., I using it.
a. sure c. Of course b. I am sorry d. OK

9. Tsaqif : what do you think about the Jasmine garden?
Arkan : It is ...
a. beautiful c. borred b. scared d. bad

10. Sita : Can you ... the cake?
a. read c. drink b. make d. sweep

11. My brother is handsome, and my sister is...
a. Good c. beautiful b. Lazy d. small

12. I am in ... five.
a. old c. years b. nice d. grade

13. Khansa is thin, but Nabila is ...
a. high c. short b. tall d. fat

14. Abiyu : Can Meilin enter the Bali site?
Talita : ... , she can’t
a. Yes c. OK b. No d. Sure

15. Don’t play the fire.It is ...
a. Not healthy c. dangerous b. For adults d. for the baby

II. Fill in the blanks !
1. I am absent today, because I had .... (Z-A-I-N-L-F-U-N-E)
2. I have ... , because I eat a lot of spicy rujak.
3. You ... healthy food to stay healthy.
4. A : Do you wash your hands before eat?
B : No, ......not
A : That’s too bad. Dont forget to wash your hands before you eat
5. A : how often do you see the dentist?
B : ...a year
6. A... cures the patients in the hospital.
7. Is there a mosque in TMII? The underline means ....
8. The Insect museum is   ... the Pusaka Museum and the Army Museum.
9. ...a lot of water everyday.
10. I always have ...before I go to school.

III. Answer these questions !
1. What toys do you like ?
2. What do you do to stay healthy?
3. Change into English !
“ saya minum banyak air ”
4. Translate into Indonesian !
“I do exercise”
5. Arrange these words !
Next – the Bird – is – the Sport Museum - to

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