Soal UTS Genap B. Inggris Kelas 6 Terbaru 2017

Download soal latihan  uts genap b inggris kelas 6 semester 2 terbaru 2016 2017 - Download dan dapatkan Soal UTS Semester 2/ Genap Kelas 6 Mapel B. Inggris untuk berlatih Soal ulangan uts genap SD/ MI tahun 2016 2017 terbaru sesuai dengan kurikulum ktsp yang dilengkapi dengan kunci jawabannya dan terdiri dari soal pilihan ganda/ pg dan isian sebanyak 30 soal.

Dapatkan Soal Soal UTS Kls 6 Semester 2 lainnya,

Berikut adalah Soal UTS B. Inggris Kls 6 Smstr 2/ Genap terbaru  yang bisa sobat dapatkan, yaitu :

The text for number 1-6
Pasir Putih a beach with white sand and corals. It is beautiful sea side resort. It is located near Panarukan, Situbondo, East Java. On haliday, there are many tourist visit thus beach because it has a beautiful scenary. They can go around it by boats.

1. Pasir Putih is the name of ….
a. mountain b. lake c. temple d. beach

2. How  is Pasir Putih beach ? it is a . . . .
a. Beautiful beach c. bad beach b. Boring beach d. expensive beach

3. Where is Pasir Putih beach ? it is in  ….
a. Lumajang c. Situbondo b. Malang d. Surabaya

4. When do the tourist visit this beach ?  . . . .
a. On Monday b. on holiday c. every Friday d. every month

5. How can they go around the sea ?
a. By boats b. by bike c. by car d. by train

6. Why do many tourist visit this beach ? because it has a . . . .
a. Fantastic view c. beautiful scenary b. Fantastic sea d. beautiful lake

7. The student go to the zoo on their holiday. They want to see . . . .
a. Animals b. temples c. lakes d. mountains

8. Toba is a . . . in Sumatra
a. garden b. road c. river d. garden

9. We can go atound the sea by . . . .
a. Ship b. bus c. train d. car

10. Kenjeran, Sanur, Bunaken are name of . . . .
a. sea b. island c. beach d. lake

11. I like going to see ….(air terjun) at Malang
a. mountain b. water fall c. river d. sea

12. What are the children… at the playground ?
They are playing swings.
a. doing b. reading c. palying d. writing

13. wher do we go to buy a map ? we go to the . . . .
a. market b. hospital c. canteen d. bookstore

14. My uncle is a farmer. He always brings his kerbau to the farm ? . . . .
a. buffalo b. dog c. goat d. cow

15. Can we cross the strait Kamal by perahu ?
a. ship b. boat c. bus d. train

16. x : …………. Will you go to Sedudo water fall ?
y : on the next holiday
a. where b. what c. who d. when

17. What thing are usually sold at the recreation objects ?
a. souvenirs b. horses c. boats d. stalls

18. the President’s Residence, Botanical Graden and Tangkuban Perahu Drater are in. . . .
a. West Java c. Central Java b. East Java d. Bali

19. The tourists want to visit the recreation object. So they need a. . . .to show the places
a. camere b. bike c. map d. book

20. x : What can you see at mount Bromo ?
y : to see ….
a. The beautiful lake c. the sun b. the old statues d. the volcanoes

21. Did you walk along the Malioboro street ?
Yes, I . . . . along the Malioboro street.
a. walked b. walking c. walk out d. enjoy

22. We love to go to Bogor ….
a. Great garden c. apple garden b. sea world d. tea garden

23. We buy delicious gudeg rice on . . . street.
a. Borobudur b. Malioboro c. Royal Palace d. Kenjeran

24. When we go to Yogyakarta, my father like to go to Yogya . . .
a. Royal Palace c. temple b. beach d. mountain

25. You can see dolphin in Jakart. . . .
a. fair b. zoo c. sea world d. market

26. X . . . I get the way to Surabaya Zoo ?
Y : Yes, sure from here, go straight a head. It’s on the left
a. do b. does c.  may d. am

27. X  : Can you mention the tourism in Malang ?
Y  : I’m sorry . . . .
a. We can b. they can’t c. you can d. I can’t

28. Before enter the Surabaya Zoo we have to buy a  . . . first
a. food b. drink c. ticket d. peanut

29. we can see Kasada festifal at the . . .
a. Bromo Mountain c. Central Java b. Sumatra Island d. Kawi Mountain

30. The holiday is coming. We will . . . . together
a. Goes camping c. going camping b. go camping d. went camping

31. When are you going to go to the temple ?
a. Next Sunday c. lask week b. yerterday d. two days ago

32. Tasya ...going to go to Mpu Tantular museum
a. are b. does c. is d. was

33. The tourists . . . going to swim in the Selecta
a. am b. was c. is d. are

34. Going to-is-he-tomorrow-Hero monument- go
a. He is going to go Hero monument tomorrow b. He is go to going Hero monument tomorrow
c. He is going to Hero monument go tomorrow d. He is go to Hero monument going tomorrow

35. Visit – will – to – temple – Borobudur
a. I visit will to temple Borobudur c. I will Borobudur visit to temple
b. I will visit to Borobudur temple d. I will Borobudur temple visit

1. Perak . . . . is in Surabaya
2. People come to Bromo to see ....
3. Where’s the Borobudur . . . ? it’s in Yogyakarta
4. Tourists stay at . . . when they come to Indonesia
5. Where you like shopping ? yes, I like going to ….
6. Hermawan wants to make a kite. He needs . . . .
7. My family always go to . . .To enjoy the fresh air
8. Can you climb the tree ? No, . . . .
9. We can see many… in Borobudur temple
10. Go – will – I – to – next – Bali - week

Surabaya Zoo
Lask week my family went to Surabaya Zoo. It is Wonokromo. It’s near Joyoboyo station. In the zoo we can look a lot of animals, such as monkey, giraffe, camel, tiger, zebra and any other animals.

1. What is the topic of the text ?
2. When do your family go to Surabaya Zoo ?
3. Where is Surabaya Zoo  ?
4. What can your see in the zoo ?
5. Are there many wild animals in the zoo ? !

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